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* [[UsdGuide16]] - Versioning, Asset resolvers
* [[UsdGuide16]] - Versioning, Asset resolvers
* [[UsdGuide17]] - USD and sops part 2 (gotchas and pitfalls)
* [[UsdGuide17]] - USD and sops part 2 (gotchas and pitfalls)
* [[UsdGuide18]] - Quick QnA to expand out later
=== Todo ===
* layer breaks
* the edge wear example
* more on materials (geo subsets, multiple materials for a geo, collect node)
* second revision, start adding images and hips
* usdz
* fancier merge operations; graft vs merge vs reference vs stage manager
* time varying malarky
* example of bringing rbd into lops, materials vs pieces vs transform animation vs...
* usd configure node in sops (eg fix packed handling)
* sopimport vs sceneimport, pros and cons

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My 5th attempt to write a quickstart guide. But I think this is the one.

It's June 2021 and this section is full of typos, has barely any images, no hips, probably contains traces of peanuts. I'm after feedback, please get in touch if you find anything confusing/missing/incorrect!


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