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  1. basics. chair.usd, floor.usd, both into set.usd, load that into shot.usd, make a camera, save.
  2. adding materials. Add basics to the original models, look at final output, save
  3. modularise per department. split chair.usd into 2 dependencies for geo.usd and material.usd, so they can be changed seperately
  4. choice. add model variants, material variants.
  5. role. add lowres/highres

  • Make a chair usd, a floor usd
  • Pull both into set.usd, easy
  • Pull the set into a shot, make a camera, publish shot.usd, easy
  • Now you need a material on it, do that
  • Uh oh, there's a need for 2 chair types in a set, do that
  • The realtime folk are getting involved, where's their low res proxy chair
  • And now material variants
  • Pu