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September 2018

Changes! I'm now teaching full time at the UTS Animal Logic Academy, great fun. If you're interested in doing a 1 year masters degree, hanging out with me and the other great staff here, lets talk.

Also, not sure how many people know about the longform articles I write on the HoudiniTutorials page, make sure to browse that section, some fun things to be found.

April 2018

Most updates and new things are announced on twitter now: https://twitter.com/thecgwiki

December 2017

  • 2nd part of a constraint networks tutorial, to drive rbd with sops level animation: ConstraintNetworks2

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

Slightly off topic, but a brief review of my new VR/Houdini laptop, the MSI G63VR 7RG. GeneralUtilties#MSI_G63VR_7RG

July 2017

  • Have noticed in the forums and chatrooms the same questions come up over and over, so figured I'd start a HoudiniFAQ section.
  • Another chops thing, this time on bones and chops: HoudiniChops#Stagger_and_offset_bones
  • A mild look change; someone suggested the pure white background was a bit harsh, so its been toned down to a light gray.

June 2017

April 2017

Lego Batman VR! I've been supervising this project for the past few months, rather proud of it. Go watch it on Youtube (supports cardboard, 4k, stereo), or Facebook (positional audio, probably supports rift, not sure if its stereo), other headsets and formats should follow.

  • HoudiniChops - Diving into unfamiliar subnets again, this time its chops.

Mar 2017

  • HoudiniCops - Now that I've worked out a way to write vex for compositing operations, first of a few experiments I wanna try. In this case, a latlong to cubemap converter.
  • https://vimeo.com/209784546 - Fantastic tutorial on chops for rigging by Henry Dean, first one I've seen to explain this so clearly. Watch!

Feb 2017

Eetu is one of the most generous Houdini artists around, constantly offering help on the odforce forums and updating his 'eetus lab' page with great experiments. Well he's knocked it up a notch again, and is running an (almost) daily hip blog. Check it out: https://dailyhip.wordpress.com.

As for cgwiki updates:

Jan 2017

Happy new year!

November 2016

End of Lego Batman is so close. So close. here! Hooray! Go watch it.

October 2016

It's been a while! Busy at work with Lego Batman, and my learning has slowed a little as we knuckle down and get the film done. Anyway, new things:

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

28 Feb 2016

Added a bigger intro to MayaToHoudini that outlines the core concept of how Houdini is different to Maya, and why that's important. Having a think about when I had that 'aha!' moment, and if had got that concept earlier, I would have been able to pick up the software much faster.

13 Feb 2016

Re-arranged the navigation menu at the top, should be easier to find things now.

Also made a new HoudiniTutorials section, this will be the parent page for longform chatty tutorials vs the super quick summary of the other pages. The first one is about a simple rotating rings setup (sort of like 'the machine' from Contact), could make a good intro to Houdini for new starters.

Still trying to think of the best way to introduce folk to Houdini, this feels close, but not quite right. The Ben Watts 'fallen angel' tutorial on vimeo is great ( https://vimeo.com/122217238 ), but potentially for a new starter might move too fast, and zips from sops to flip dops and back again. There's sure to be a nice, purely sops way to get people interested, will keep thinking about it....

I don't use Arnold, but if I did, this video tutorial looks great. Go get! https://vimeo.com/153745362

Jan 2016

Split the houdini volume stuff that was on the Houdini page onto its own page, HoudiniVolumes. First step of breaking up that monolithic page...

The old updates and news links looked a little messy, and I think were of interest to no-one but me really. I've moved them over to OldNews for safe keeping.

If you would like to contribute, go to Special:RequestAccount, make an account, and help me write stuff.


    • 22/11 Name change! The name 'mayawiki' was becoming silly, 'cgwiki' feels generic enough to cover any future 2d/3d/4d flights of fancies. Everything should auto-redirect, but please update your bookmarks anyway.
    • 28/10 Site seems ok, if there's anything broken, please email me.
    • 27/10 Ugh, an autoupdate of MediaWiki broke some stuff here for a few hours. Managed to get it back on its feet, but stuff might still be broken, will have a proper look when I get time.
    • 19/07 HoudiniExperiments created, stuff that I'm playing with, that might be finished properly one day.
    • 10/07 HoudiniDops created as I start to learn this stuff.
    • I have an animated gif addiction, and I'm ok with that. This handy chrome extension lets you right click on a gif, which pops it out into a timeline scrubbable video, handy.
    • 26/05 - Houdini Lighting Shading created.
    • 04/03 - PymelTutorial created.
    • 03/27 - HoudiniOculusWip created.
    • 02/17 - HoudiniPython created.
    • 02/02 - Houdini created. A vague plan to port my soup quickstart tutorial over to houdini, to contrast/compare.


    • 09/23 - Houdini Vops created, I'm in my 2nd honeymoon period with Houdini right now, time to write some thoughts down that'd interest Maya types.
    • 04/29 - Cinema 4D created, some quick notes on mograph, cool things, missing things.
    • 04/08 - Rigging created, I need a place to store my animated gifs for a maya_he3d throwdown. :)
    • 04/04 - Nuke created, stuff that isn't ready for nukepedia, but might be useful anyways will go here.
    • 03/21 - Soup updated with some love and structure, can now be read from beginning to end and leave you with a reasonable feel for how soup works. Haven't touched any of the fancier things like fluids or paintfx, but this is the guide I wish I had a few years ago when I first heard about it. Hope others find it useful.
    • 03/08 - Quick Tips created, will hopefully a collection of 'Gee I didn't know that!' stuff folk might find useful, save valuable seconds of your day in Maya.
    • 03/07 - Misc created. To start with, the realisation that google spreadsheets has a fairly extensive javascript API with built in code editor, can use it to make a spreadsheet shot tracker with history.
    • 03/02 - Maya Annoyances created, mainly for my own sanity to (a) get 'em written down and (b) link to relevant posts on the small annoying things page and/or autodesk bug reports.
    • 03/01 - Particles created, copied from the old wiki, with a bit of a clean out of outdated or useless stuff.
    • 03/01 - GeneralUtilties created for windows bash shell, lss, ffmpeg, stuff.
    • 03/01 - Particles created with a rant about rendering sprites.
    • 02/01 - I looked at upgrading twiki, and it was exhausting. Better to make a clean start and a bit of a tidy up. This is now mediawiki (yes, like wikipedia), but with a nice skin courtesy of http://bootswatch.com/. Gonna run it in silent mode for a while as I copy stuff over, then do a magic switcheroo. One nice thing is it'll support syntax highlighting for python, lets see if it works on the Python page (spoiler: yes it does).
    • 02/01 - Soup created, time to get into this for realz, my awkward steps towards soup enlightenment will be on this page.
    • 02/01 - Vray created, I've used vray for all of 3 weeks now, so clearly I'm qualified to talk about it. ... I'm freelancing after being at Animal for a few years, realised its been too long since I've had to do any actual on-box work. I've gotten a little spoiled with all the AL toys, so this is a good opportunity to learn a few things, replicate some of the AL workflow out in the real world, other stuff. DJV is a good starting point; I missed RV as soon as I walked out of AL, DJV is free, simple works. Great playback tool, quite customisable, runs on windows/osx/linux. You can tie it into deadline so you can flip sequences directly from the monitor, sweeeet. http://djv.sourceforge.net/


    • 01/01 - Finished my time at Dr.D and houdini, back at Animal Logic now, which means back in maya. Expect a few minor updates as I try and get reaquanted with my old nemesis...
    • 01/01 - I'm trying to update the rigging section a bit, remove some old links (and the plugin section which was all dead). I still think tokeru is a very good ressource and I wish it stays up to date and useful. -- Maya.MattBernadat - 30 Sep 2011
    • 01/01 - MayaToHoudini created. I'm currently working at Dr.D studios using houdini. Thought I'd setup a section here for maya users looking to get into houdini. If it sprawls out too large I might split it into a separate wiki, or maybe ask the nice folk at odforce if I can copy files over there. We'll see.
    • 01/01 - After the highend3d mailing list died, I setup a new one. Very quiet list, good signal to noise ratio, if you've stumbled across this site, you should probably join. :) http://groups.google.com/group/maya_he3d/