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I setup a Patreon page, just in case you feel like buying me a coffee or beer (or both). Want some specific content? Guilt me into making video tutorials? Buy my love:

June 2017

April 2017

Lego Batman VR! I've been supervising this project for the past few months, rather proud of it. Go watch it on Youtube (supports cardboard, 4k, stereo), or Facebook (positional audio, probably supports rift, not sure if its stereo), other headsets and formats should follow.

  • HoudiniChops - Diving into unfamiliar subnets again, this time its chops.

Mar 2017

  • HoudiniCops - Now that I've worked out a way to write vex for compositing operations, first of a few experiments I wanna try. In this case, a latlong to cubemap converter.
  • - Fantastic tutorial on chops for rigging by Henry Dean, first one I've seen to explain this so clearly. Watch!

Feb 2017

Eetu is one of the most generous Houdini artists around, constantly offering help on the odforce forums and updating his 'eetus lab' page with great experiments. Well he's knocked it up a notch again, and is running an (almost) daily hip blog. Check it out:

As for cgwiki updates:

Jan 2017

Happy new year!

November 2016

End of Lego Batman is so close. So close. here! Hooray! Go watch it.

October 2016

It's been a while! Busy at work with Lego Batman, and my learning has slowed a little as we knuckle down and get the film done. Anyway, new things:

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

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