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Maya wiki news, updates

New wiki backend

I looked at upgrading twiki, and it was exhausting. Better to make a clean start and a bit of a tidy up. This is now mediawiki (yes, like wikipedia), but with a flash skin courtesy of [1]. Gonna run it in silent mode for a while as I copy stuff over, then do a magic switcheroo. One nice thing is it'll support syntax highlighting for python, lets see if it works on the MayaPython page.


It's time. MayaVray ... I'm freelancing after being at Animal for a few years, realised its been too long since I've had to do any actual on-box work. I've gotten a little spoiled with all the AL toys, so this is a good opportunity to learn a few things, replicate some of the AL workflow out in the real world, other stuff. DJV is a good starting point; I missed RV as soon as I walked out of AL, DJV is free, simple works. Great playback tool, quite customisable, runs on windows/osx/linux. You can tie it into deadline so you can flip sequences directly from the monitor, sweeeet. [2]

And we're back!

Finished my time at Dr.D and houdini, back at Animal Logic now, which means back in maya. Expect a few minor updates as I try and get reaquanted with my old nemesis...

Minor changes

I'm trying to update the rigging section a bit, remove some old links (and the plugin section which was all dead). I still think tokeru is a very good ressource and I wish it stays up to date and useful. -- Maya.MattBernadat - 30 Sep 2011

Maya for houdini folk

I'm currently working at Dr.D studios using houdini. Thought I'd setup a section here for maya users looking to get into houdini. If it sprawls out too large I might split it into a separate wiki, or maybe ask the nice folk at odforce if I can copy files over there. We'll see. Enyhoo, have a read of MayaToHoudini .

Maya Mailing list

After the highend3d mailing list died, I setup a new one. Very quiet list, good signal to noise ratio, if you've stumbled across this site, you should probably join. :)

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