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Waaay back in 2000 when I started in CG, I heard about this amazing thing called a wiki. It let you make an intranet! And easily edit it! I got it working within the company, and used it to stash all my notes on maya. When I left the company a few years later, I took those notes and made them public, knowing that I was gonna be freelancing around, and need to get those notes wherever I was.

Over time it amassed into sprawling mess of notes, mainly about maya, and a few years ago I moved the whole thing to the mediawiki format (wiki's apparently became sorta popular while I wasn't looking), and started learning houdini. I'd also started doing nuke, at which point the name mayawiki wasn't really appropriate anymore. Its now cgwiki, is popular with SOuP and Houdini folk, and thats the end of the story.