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Since I’m putting up videos, here’s another one I found much earlier.

Looking back through an old gmail account, I found jrbowles had sent me this link. I’m absolutely thrilled that Loopy Tunes has found such a keen admirer around the other side of the world to me!

Now you can challenge your friends…and enemies in Apple’s Game Center. Go grab the free update now and see who can become the Ultimate Design Master, with the highest score!

Diode version 1.2 is out now with the fix for iPhone 5 retina display crash. Go grab your free update now!

In this release I have included high res retina images so it looks real pretty on your devices, plus a few minor display bugs have been cleaned up. Go get your update now!

I’ve submitted an update to Apple for Diode which includes high res images for retina display on your shiny new devices. It’ll now look crispy clean! I’ve also sorted a couple of little display bugs and tightened it up a […]

While everyone is on their Christmas break I’ll be continuing work on Diode to get an update out in January 2013. There will be a few graphical bug fixes that I’ve found and I’m creating all the hi res images […]

I’m very pleased to be able to let you know that Apple have been very quick reviewing our  6th app Diode and it is in store now! It was a labour of love this last app, making it in spare […]

Apple have been very quick with their review and the update for Loopy Tunes is in the store already! Go grab the free update from the App Store now, or if you don’t have Loopy Tunes, why not buy it […]

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