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Why support?

Over the years people have suggested I should put this site behind a paywall, write a book, record paid video tutorials, go on the Tony Robbins motivational talk tour circuit. Having run this wiki for a while, I have opinions on all these options:

  • I don't believe in paywalls, I don't think hiding information is in the spirit of the online community, plus I've learned so much from others sharing their information freely, it seems unfair to then privatize any knowledge I acquire.
  • The bottom seems to have dropped out of the book market. When was the last time you bought a CG related book?
  • I just don't have time to record quality video tutorials. It's great that other people do, I know I can't make that time investment.
  • I do talks when and where I can (you'll see me occasionally show up at SIGGRAPH and stuff), but that's still plays to a limited market, this website can be available to everyone, everywhere.

So, the site will remain free, and despite it not being in my best commercial interests, I'll still put all my knowledge and scene files here too. That said, people kept asking how they could support the site, that's when people suggested Patreon and Paypal.

My feeling is if you've downloaded one of my hip files, or one of my tips managed to help you on a paying job or school project, and if we met in real life you'd offer to by me a coffee as thanks, well, throw me a couple of bucks. If you find the site constantly useful, use the money you might've put towards a expensive online video tutorial and send it my way. That seems fair.


Patreon is better for ongoing micropayments, I run little surveys and things over there, most supporters have come via Patreon. You can quit whenever you want, and once you're on the platform, its easy to support lots of other creators.

I prefer this (its easier for me to track who's offering support, can do direct mail outs, all that jazz), and honestly I'd prefer $1 a month over 20 months vs a one off $20 payment, but hey, its your money, I don't mind what you do with it. :)

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Paypal is better for one off payments. Some people specifically asked for Paypal support, so I added it.