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About CGWiki

Oh Hai!

I'm currently VFX Lead in residence teaching a masters degree in VFX at the University of Technology Sydney. Before that I was supervising and doing VR/FX/Lighting at Animal Logic for a long time, and before that busy in the commercial scene in London for many years.

Over all that time I've kept tips and tricks about all the CG software I've used. Rather than keep it in a paper notebook I've stored it online in a wiki. Today the wiki is mostly Houdini notes, but there's stuff about Maya, Nuke, Python, ffmpeg, lots of other things. While I've tried to keep it organised, the site really is a notebook, so you'll find things scribbled in the margins, sketches of ideas, shopping lists etc.

It's not a manual, it's not official software documentation, quality varies depending on my stress levels at the time of writing. Hopefully most of it is interesting and/or useful.

I used to keep a list of changes here on the front page, but it quickly got out of date. Do you have a table of contents for your notebook? No, me neither. The menu's at the top are the best way to navigate around, also keep an eye on my twitter feed, that's usually where I post links to new things I write:

Hope you find the site useful!