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6 Jan 2017

Happy new year!

  • A way to take a animated object and static camera, and replicate the motion with a static object and animated camera: fakey motion control.
  • Why the 9 hotkey in houdini is the best thing ever: 9 hotkey tricks

29 November 2016

End of Lego Batman is so close. So close. here! Hooray! Go watch it.

23 October 2016

It's been a while! Busy at work with Lego Batman, and my learning has slowed a little as we knuckle down and get the film done. Anyway, new things:

26 June 2016

Harry Potter style pyro blendshapes: HoudiniDops#More_advecting_smoke_with_particles_.28aka_pyro_blendshapes.29

14 June 2016

A nice little example on moving particles along grid-like paths in HoudiniDops#Pops_and_grid_noise, and some updates and re-writes on the MayaToHoudini page after it got linked by SideFx on Facebook and Twitter, and my site traffic went up 10x!

6 June 2016

A long form tutorial that's taken me a while to write on The_solver_sop.

4 May 2016

A new long form tutorial, on Points_and_Verts_and_Prims.

3 May 2016

Because it's always handy to know yet more ways to rotate things, here's more on rotation with vex.

26 April 2016

Nice method to emit lots of packed primitives into a rigid body sim. HoudiniDops#Emit_packed_prims_into_RBD_sim

15 April 2016

Growing branching structures from points, with a code walkthrough. HoudiniVex#Solver_and_wrangle_for_branching_structures

28 March 2016

Grow trees with particles! HoudiniDops#Grow_trees_with_particles
Grow roads with particles! HoudiniDops#Grow_roads_with_particles
Grow weird coral curves with particles! HoudiniDops#Fake_differential_growth
A handy way to read object transforms with vex: HoudiniVex#Get_transform_of_objects_with_optransform

16 March 2016

Thanks to some feedback, I've made a getting started guide for Houdini called, strangely enough, HoudiniGettingStarted. Also started work on the next long form tutorial, this one on the smoke solver: Smoke_and_Pyro

7 March 2016

Pyro! (Well, smoke actually) Particles! Smoke and particles! Next step in my volume learnin' is making missile trails, or any sort of smoke sim that follows the path of other objects. Here's one way using the gas 'particle to field' microsolver. HoudiniDops#Advect_smoke_with_particles.

2 March 2016

Had a few new users at work, which is always handy to evaluate workflow through fresh eyes, see what things have become muscle memory and need further explaining. Realised there's a lot of UI things that I take for granted now, so HoudiniUserInterfaceTips will be an attempt to document some of them.

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