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From cgwiki

Stuff to try

  • lightfield/plenoptic lens - x/y % width/numelements
  • fly eye - lots of hexagons
  • time slice/super slow rolling shutter
  • inverse pano; like a bullet time rig that faces inwards
  • escher odd ultra tall/wide strange perspective projections
  • tilt-shift
  • non planar film backs
  • left/right stereo in one image
  • left/right stereo pano in one image, top/bottom, side/side
  • cubic projection
  • geo based lenses, drive P+I from geo uv->P, N
  • filmbacks based on curves in space, again bullet time inspired
  • strobe photography
  • stereo domemaster: https://github.com/zicher3d-org/domemaster-stereo-shader and http://www.robertoziche.com/domemaster/